With the acquisition of a first 103.5 MW early-stage wind farm in New South Wales, a first Agrinergie project in New Caledonia ready to build, and 400 MW of projects already in development, Akuo Energy Pacific has made a remarkably fast entrance into Australia and the Pacific region. Targeting 1,000 MW over the next 5 years, the strategy of capitalizing on past successes in new markets overseas and on fully-integrated island-based power solutions is already working and about to pay off.

Akuo Energy started its activities in the Pacific region two years ago, when an environmentally-friendly farmer from New Caledonia was looking for a hurricane-proof greenhouse to supply fruit and vegetables to his customers year-round.

Akuo Energy had already developed and put into operation its own design of solar greenhouses that withstand storms, hurricanes, and cyclones and at the same time produce renewable energy. The farmer therefore urged the project development team based in Paris to start working on his farm.

After several months of development, the first Agrinergie© project of the Pacific region is now ready to build.

Thanks to a strong track record and valuable expertise on islands and in non-interconnected areas, Akuo Energy is well-positioned to develop fully-integrated, high-quality projects in the broader Pacific region. Australia relies on coal-fired power plants to supply 73% of its energy needs, whilst other islands in the region are mainly supplied by diesel generation facilities. With the drop in commodity prices, the planned phasing out of several coal-fired plants over the next couple of years, and a new government in place, Australia has a tremendous need for clean energy and is becoming more and more attractive for investors and other financing bodies.

Capitalizing on innovative but proven technologies such as PV & battery storage, Agrinergie© and Aquanergie©, which Akuo Energy has operated for more than 5 years, and maintaining its creative and flexible approach to every single project will be essential factors in achieving its goal of building and operating more than 1,000 MW of capacity in the region over the next 5 years.


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