Focusing solely on the use of wood as an energy source,
Akuo Biomass projects generate a stable and continuous supply of energy

Complementing the intermittent renewable energy sources currently operated within the Akuo Energy group, biomass, developed by the dedicated Akuo Biomass subsidiary, offers a continuous supply of energy. Akuo Energy’s wood biomass cogeneration projects derive two types of energy from the wood fuel: selling the electricity produced to the grid, and selling the thermal energy produced in the form of steam to a partner who is involved from the early stages of project design.

Supply is controllable and predictable, allowing plants to operate on an uninterrupted basis and provide a constant supply of electricity, around the clock, from feedstock that has been secured in advance. It is on this last point that Akuo Biomass has set itself apart, having worked with the wood industry to organize a wood supply chain to ensure continuous availability of the wood fuel.

54 MW


6 %

of Akuo Energy portfolio* is made up of biomass plants

*MW in operation, under construction and Financing underway

Let’s kill off some received ideas!
Every year, France’s total forest grows by 40,000 hectares and, contrary to an oft-repeated notion, it is under-exploited. Without the removal of wood – whether through clear felling, selective felling, removal of mature trees or dead and unhealthy specimens – it becomes more vulnerable to weather events and fires, loses biodiversity and becomes less effective as a carbon sink. Moreover, fuel wood, taken from the upper branches of the tree, uses wood which has no other useful application: forestry remnants,

trimmings and poor-quality or oversized wood that is difficult for sawmills to handle. Lastly, the amount of CO₂ released by fuel wood when it is burnt is equal to that captured during the life of the tree. The net carbon effect is therefore neutral. And by substituting for carbon-emitting fuels, the effect is significantly positive when one takes into account the CO₂ emissions from fossil fuels that are avoided.

4 biomass projects in the world


13 MW France


5 MW Croatia


16 MW France


20 MW France