Projects in operation and in development

  • 41 plants currently in operation, totaling 589 MW
  • 723 000 Tons of CO² already avoided through clean energy generation
  • 586000 Households already supplied with clean energy
  • More than 3 000 MW currently under development
Eric Scotto & Arnold Schwarzenegger

800 MW - This is the energy generation capacity that Akuo Energy has already developed, which is currently in operation, under construction or funded, and which will be fully operated in 2015. It represents a EUR 1.9 billion investment and a turnover of more than EUR 220 million.


3000 MW - This is the aggregate energy generation capacity that Akuo Energy aims at operating within 5 years, among which 2,500 MW of wind energy, 300 MW of solar energy, 100 MWe from biomass and 100 MW from other technologies such as hydroelectricity, biogas, marine technologies, electricity storage, green co-generation. This will be sufficient to meet the needs of 3 million individual households, therby avoiding the emission of nearly 4 million tons of carbone dioxide into the atmosphere.



7 billion euros : It is the sum that Akuo Energy will have invested to build all of its plants in operation when reaching its 3,000 MW target. The corresponding equity capital needed will be of 1.4 billion euros, that is, 20% of the total investment.



850 million euros : This will be the annual revenue that will be generated by the energy generation infrastructure projects set up by Akuo Energy once all projects are in operation. The major element of this revenue will be generated by secured sales of “green” electricity within the scope of long term agreements with governmental bodies or major electrical utilities and/or industrial consumers of energy, providing Akuo with an exceptional level of future revenue visibility and guaranteeing a healthy, long-lasting business. 


Renewable energies at the service of agriculture
Various financial solutions to build renewable energy plants
Supporting innovating projects in relation to education and environment


Akuo Energy is a private group which specializes in the development of power production plants from renewable resources , such as wind, sun, water, biogas, biomass and biofuel.

The company is involved in all stages of the life cycle of power plants: studies, design, financing, construction and operation.

Akuo Energy is a French company of international standing, established in many locations worldwide.

Currently, Akuo Energy has offices and major projects in France and Corsica, several French overseas territories, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Turkey, the United States, Uruguay and Indonesia, with a flexible approach that enables the company to adapt to all local energy schemes.

Fully independent from power supply equipment manufacturers, Akuo Energy is able to select the best technological solutions depending on the resources available and specific local requirements of each particular project.

Akuo energy currently employs 120 collaborators worldwide; we rely on highly skilled, reactive and adaptable teams.

Clean and never-ending, renewable energy is the best way to meet our current and future energy needs while avoiding greenhouse gas emissions and avoiding peak pricing of fossil fuels associated with their on-going depletion.