Pilot technology with substantial potential
for the energy independence of tropical islands

OTEC takes advantage of the temperature gradient between the surface of tropical seas and deep water – with a minimum temperature difference of 20°C – to activate a working fluid within a closed-circuit system. The working fluid then drives a generator turbine, to produce a steady, continuous and guaranteed flow of power 24/7. A perfect fit with other renewable energy sources, OTEC will be key for establishing autonomy in decarbonized energy for islands.

A disruptive technology – albeit one identified by Jules Verne in “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” – that has now been developed to a very advanced level, OTEC has been recognized by the European Union, which in July 2014 selected the NEMO project (New Energy for Martinique and Overseas) for its NER 300 program. NEMO is an offshore OTEC plant with net capacity of 10.7MW and is in the final phase of its development in partnership with DCNS.

1 ETM project in the world


10.7 MW Martinique, France