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Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

OTEC is based on what is known as the Rankine cycle. This technology relies on a temperature difference of at least 20°C between cooler deep waters and warmer shallow waters. This difference is used to vaporize a working fluid circulating in a closed circuit, which in turn spins a turbine coupled to a generator.

The generator produces stable, continuous electric power, every day and around the clock. It is hard to overstate OTEC’s potential. In the Intertropical Convergence Zone, over 50 countries possess the necessary thermal potential (temperature difference), and are paying prohibitively high energy bills due to their remoteness and the price of imported fossil fuels. OTEC is a disruptive technology that is already highly developed. Between 2008 and 2013, DCNS – Akuo Energy’s industrial partner on this project – conducted a variety of onshore and off shore experiments that ironed out the remaining technological issues.

In July 2014, the NEMO project, developed jointly by Akuo Energy and DCNS, have been announced as one of the winner of the European NER 300 call for proposals. NEMO was granted a EUR 72m subsidy.

ProjectCapacity LocationState
NEMO10.7 MWMartinique, FranceDevelopment
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