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Our strategy

From the outset, Akuo Energy has worked to design exemplary renewable energy-based power plants that fit seamlessly with their environment and are appropriate to the scale of the country or area in which they operate. Underlying that approach is the belief that we must move faster than the competition, shorten project development time and greatly reduce the risk profile of its portfolio compared to other developers. This in turn requires extensive geographic and technological diversification, plus a balance between project development and acquisition of projects already underway.

Akuo Energy is a green IPP that covers the entire value chain, from project origination to power plant management. We can deploy the renewable energy technologies best suited to the areas in which we operate, across all continents and oceans.

Along with our strong international focus and capabilities spanning the entire spectrum of renewable energy technologies, one of Akuo Energy’s distinguishing features is that we stay on as a controlling shareholder of our power plants over the long term.

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