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Our strategy

Akuo Energy is France’s leading independent producer of renewable energy, and in mid-2014 we had 469 MW of capacity in facilities in operation or under construction. The Group was founded in 2007 and is 80%-owned by its co-founders. Our revenue comes from the green power generation facilities that we develop in-house and then operate. We are an integrated player covering the entire value chain, developing and fi nancing projects, supervising construction and operating the completed facilities.

We are diversifying our business in two ways. In geographical terms, we are expanding globally and currently have subsidiaries in nine different countries – France, the United States, Uruguay, Croatia, Poland, Dubai, Indonesia, Turkey and Luxembourg – that each serve as a base for regional development. We are also diversifying in technological terms, developing projects to generate power using the full spectrum of existing renewable energy sources, wind, solar, biomass and hydro: rivers, seas and oceans.

In 2013, Akuo Energy’s total billings came to €76 million from sales of green electricity and thermal energy. We had a workforce of 153 people at the end of the year.

Our goal is to increase worldwide installed capacity to over 3,000 MW within five years.

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