Akuo Indian Ocean develops renewable energy solutions on the islands of Reunion, Mayotte, Mauritius, Madagascar and the Seychelles. Not only idyllic, these islands also have extraordinary potential to help build the world of tomorrow

Akuo's history is inextricably linked to the French island of Reunion. It is in this exceptional location – exceptional through its openness to innovation and through its inhabitants – that the Group has been able to deploy its comprehensive know-how in the field of solar energy. 

Created in 2007 on the island of Reunion, Akuo Indian Ocean currently has 11 solar power plants representing an installed capacity of 35 MWp. Akuo Indian Ocean is Akuo’s subsidiary having initiated Agrinergie®, Aquanergie® and storage solutions. In particular, and thanks to Bardzour and les Cèdres, two projects combing PV and storage for a total storage capacity of 18 MWh, the group has developed a solid off-grid expertise. 

This success is a result of the work of an experienced and passionate team that manages the development, construction, operation and maintenance of assets, via the Austral Energy Maintenance entity for the latter. This success is also due to the strong support of Agriterra, a key agricultural partner who helped Akuo Indian’s team to develop its expertise with regards to Agrinergie®.

Akuo Indian Ocean’s involvement on the French island of La Reunion enabled it to save 38,100 tonnes of CO2 emissions and provide green electricity to 17,416 homes in 2016, thus contributing to the government’s target of achieving 50% of renewable energy in the island’s energy mix by 2020, compared with 36% in 2015.

More importantly, beyond these figures, Akuo Indian Ocean conveys values and puts them into practice. Whilst generating green electricity, these values involve enabling land to continue playing its primary agricultural role, creating additional benefits for local inhabitants and showing inventiveness over the long term.

Bardzour PV power plant is an emblematic example of this approach: a solar farm built on a fallow land around the Port detention centre. Bardzour includes 6,000 m2 of photovoltaic greenhouses that employ and train inmates in market gardening and beekeeping, a 2 ha arboretum of endemic and native plants and 9 MWh of storage, a world first when it became operational in 2014. This extraordinary project was rewarded by the Nicolas Hulot Foundation’s “My Positive Impact” campaign in 2015, thus illustrating to the rest of the world what La Reunion does best.

Akuo Indian Ocean is continuing to help this French island overcome challenges by undertaking increasingly-innovative projects, diversifying its technologies (wind, hydroelectricity, floating solar farms) and being a pioneer in the field of geothermal energy.

The Indian Ocean subsidiary is also helping neighbouring islands: Mauritius, Madagascar, the Seychelles and Mayotte, where it is deploying its range of technologies – solar, wind, biomass and hydroelectric power – by putting forward unique projects that take into account the environmental, social and cultural specificities of each location.

Across its geographical scope, Akuo Indian Ocean is targeting a portfolio of 300 MW under development and 150 MW in operation by 2022.


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