Akuo opened its local representation in August 2016 focusing on wind and solar greenfield development and project acquisitions. Mongolia's promising renewable resources, economic growth and willingness to move forward with sustainable development would enable Akuo to materialize its know-how in new markets of similar size with innovative power solutions. 

As a matter of opportunity during COP21 held in Paris, Akuo decided to start looking at the Mongolian market and its challenging energy sector. Indeed, the large size of the country, its limited population and its concentrated production/consumption profile with cities and mines created a very interesting case study and playing field for Akuo to develop wind and solar projects in a coal-dominated energy market, with a regulatory framework implemented for renewable energy.


Akuo is also considering implementing Agrinergie® projects to come up with a constructive solution to agricultural issues of the country due to extreme weather (70 degrees difference between Summer and Winter). Last but not least, the hybrid solutions - combining photovoltaic, storage and diesel generator - developed by Akuo Solutions could also make sense in remote areas with limited Grid and for industrial players requiring a reliable access to electricity. 


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