When Akuo was looking to expand geographically, Uruguay served as a gateway to Latin America. Akuo Uruguay started operating in 2007. The local team is composed of professionals from a range of disciplines, who handle the construction and operation of local projects as well as development of new projects in the country and the wider region.

Akuo currently has three wind farms in operation in Uruguay: Florida I & II and Minas wind farm, with total capacity of 141.5 MW.


Located in Florida, 100 Km North of Montevideo, the Florida site is composed of two independent wind farms, Florida I and Florida II, which have combined capacity of 99.5 MW.

Florida I consists of 21 Nordex N-117 2.4 MW turbines, with rotor diameter of 117m and hub height of 91m, with total capacity of 50MW. This first phase of the project began operating in September 2014. Florida II consists of 15 Vestas V-117 3.3 MW turbines, with rotor diameter of 117m and hub height of 116.5m, providing total capacity of 49.5 MW. This second phase of the project began operating in August 2016. The combined capacity of Florida I and Florida II will supply the equivalent of twice the population of the Florida department, reducing CO₂ emissions by nearly 77 000 tons per year.



Minas wind farm is located in the Lavalleja hills, 12 km southwest of the city of Minas and 120 km from Montevideo. With its 14 Vestas V112 3.0 MW wind turbines with rotor diameter of 112m and hub height of 84m, Minas has installed capacity of 42 MW.

From a production point of view, Minas wind farm has enough installed capacity to supply the population of Lavalleja and save an estimated 34 731 tons of CO2 emissions each year.


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