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Akuo is involved in renewable energy production projects’ entire life cycle and, in this respect, is recruiting its future employees from a broad spectrum of professions in France and around the world: development, financing, construction and running of plants, as well as all support functions. 

We provide our staff with a pleasant and stimulating work environment where everyone is free to share their beliefs and ideas with regard to building a sustainable future. If you wish to give your work real meaning, a sense of purpose, and are ready to meet the energy transition challenge as part of genuinely committed and passionate teams: welcome to Akuo! 

Are you a student or looking for a first job with real impact? We also have internships, work-study programs and jobs for young graduates to help you from the very start of your professional life.

To apply, simply fill in the application form located under each job offer.

If you cannot find an offer that matches your career aspirations, send us a spontaneous application!