AGRINERGIE® is the intelligent combination of energy and agriculture in a single project.
A key concept in deriving the maximum value from land,
Agrinergie® is at the heart of the projects developed by Akuo Energy.


of Agrinergie® projects in operation, under construction or with financing underway

Created in 2007 by the Akuo Energy group, Agrinergie® is an innovative concept that combines farming and energy production on the same site. Based on the observation that ground-based solar panels can reduce the arable land available in an area, Agrinergie® has reinvented solar power by creating synergy with the world of agriculture.

AGRINERGIE® : first generation

The first generation of Agrinergie® projects combined farming with ground-based solar panels: crops are farmed between rows of panels, making the surplus land rented by Akuo Energy available to the farmer. To achieve this, agronomists from Akuo Energy work to find solutions suited to the constraints and opportunities of each site, with an emphasis on traditional crops and local expertise as part of a holistic and sustainable approach.

AGRINERGIE®, second generation

The second generation of Agrinergie® projects developed by Akuo Energy superimposes farming and solar energy, using greenhouses with a semi-photovoltaic cover. This allows electricity to be generated whilst neutralizing land use; meanwhile the farmer has an efficient facility, as crops are protected from the vagaries of the weather, particularly where the greenhouses are cyclone-proof.

Permaculture, the logical extension of Agrinergie®

Based on a model combining tradition and respect for social and environmental balance, the Agrinergie® model was bound to find a partner in permaculture. The concept of permaculture proposes to create agricultural operations that are resilient and energy- and labor-efficient, by drawing on the use of complementary plant species and thus creating permanent planting that also enhances soil quality.
This challenge is now being addressed by Akuo Energy through several Agrinergie® projects, drawing on the expertise of pioneers in this revolutionary agricultural approach.


The Agrinergie® farm with photovoltaic greenhouses operated by Jean Bernard Gonthier on Réunion is a family farm whose development is based on diversification and “de-intensification”. Located in part of the island where the notion of “the land” remains extremely powerful, this farming experiment concentrates on quality, variety and the taste of produce.