Akuo Foundation undertakes and supports social and environmental sustainable development projects. It offers its partners the opportunity to work alongside it to help deprived communities in France and around the world. Akuo Foundation’s mission covers four areas of engagement:

1. Providing access to sources of continuous and sustainably competitive renewable energy
2. Providing access to education and information
3. Providing access to clean water and to health services
4. Protecting the environment and biodiversity

Akuo Foundation’s values are shared with the whole Akuo Energy group: Sharing, Innovation, Integrity and Problem Solving are at the heart of its projects. Akuo Energy employees volunteer their time to support Akuo Foundation, which can thus benefit from the energy and talent of people from across the Akuo Energy group. Akuo Foundation works under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg, and is funded by Fonds de Dotation Akuo Energy. Donations qualify for charitable giving taxation and are tax deductible for companies and individuals.