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The Foundation

By adapting itself to the specificities of the countries in which it is established, Akuo, an independent renewable energy producer since 2007, has put sustainable development at the heart of its mission and participates in devising new and resilient energy models that ensure greater autonomy at a territorial level.

The Akuo Foundation was created in June 2011 and aims to be an extension of the Group’s commitment. It supports various social and environmental projects in France and around the world through its expertise, financing and networking. The involvement and commitment of its employees, the co-construction of projects and a holistic development vision characterize the values of the Foundation’s actions. It has two vehicles: a Foundation under the aegis of the Fondation de Luxembourg and a Fonds de Dotation.

Foundation's missions
Marion Cotillard
The Akuo Foundation undertakes tangible actions by protecting the environment and biodiversity or by providing deprived communities with access to renewable energy sources.

The Foundation’s governance structure is as follows

  • A Secretariat that ensures the day-to-day management and monitors the Foundation’s projects,
  • A Committee comprising Akuo group employees, elected by their peers, from diverse sectors and regions. This Committee is the sovereign body that decides which projects will be supported. It is often the Secretariat’s representative in the field.

The Foundation’s Committee operates under the patronage of the Akuo Foundation’s founders, Éric Scotto and Patrice Lucas, who do not vote on projects and play an advisory role.

Projects are chosen by a simple majority via a one-person-one-vote principle. The Secretariat does not vote.

The members of the Akuo Foundation Committee are committed to supporting the chosen charity associations beyond the selection process by monitoring them, providing them with non-financial support and being a bridge between them and the Akuo Foundation.

Ever since the Akuo Foundation’s creation, all Akuo employees are invited to contribute to the Akuo Foundation’s projects, in accordance with their areas of expertise and their preferences, from conception to implementation via the skill volunteering the Akuo group has decided to put in place: in practical terms, staff can devote up to 7 workdays a year (on a revolving basis) to projects supported by the Foundation. This is a strong initiative enabling as many people as possible to benefit from the numerous talents and professions ? we have at Akuo. This essential involvement of our staff members allows ambitious projects to be implemented with the same quality, rigor and high standards that characterize the Akuo group as a whole.

Quentin Ghysen
I’m pleased to be able to help support initiatives we believe in and enable the materialization of wonderful initiatives that, without the Foundation, would maybe not be able of getting off the ground and then becoming autonomous.