STORAGE: a key area of expertise in the development of renewable energy, this technology has been fully mastered by Akuo Energy, which was one of the first operators to deploy it on an industrial scale.


of solar capacity in operation

With 29MW of photovoltaic projects coupled with 29MWh of battery storage in operation since 2014, Akuo Energy is the main global player in the field of combined large-scale solar and storage projects. Following years of research and development, Akuo Energy’s team has been able to adapt storage technology to an industrial scale, thus helping to overcome the issue of intermittence in photovoltaic energy.


The innovative development of industrial-scale power storage is the fruit of work carried out by teams at Akuo Energy, who have developed, internally and in cooperation with electricity suppliers, an Energy Management System (EMS) based on extremely accurate weather forecasting, to predict the next day’s output from solar farms.