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If you are a farmer and wish to contribute to the attractiveness and resilience of your region while demonstrating how your sector helps to protect the planet, we can partner with you to rise to these challenges.  

Committed to supporting the agricultural sector in its move to agro-ecology, Akuo’s Agriterra teams of agronomic engineers specialize in consulting, studies and support for agrivoltaic projects.  

Thanks to our multi-skilled teams, you can be sure your interests will be truly taken into account. 

By protecting your crops from climate hazards, our technological solutions improve the regularity of your production and therefore your revenue. 

Agriterra’s teams will also support you with all aspects of the project, including water management, technical itineraries, mechanization and possibilities of diversification. 

Finally, the energy facilities that we offer to install on your land represent an additional source of long-term, stable revenue, alongside your production.  

L’indépendance énergétique

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