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Innovation at Akuo: a unique way of going about our activity

A genuine growth driver for the Group, innovation is deeply rooted in Akuo’s DNA. Eager to develop exemplary regional projects with real meaning, the Akuo group creates concepts that combine technological relevance, environmental added value and societal benefits.

L'innovation chez Akuo

Open and collaborative management focused on innovation

Today, as they have done since the Company was created in 2007, the founders foster, within Akuo, a culture focused on innovation, creativity and collective intelligence. Innovate to drive the energy transition forward everywhere it operates and bring the teams together around meaningful projects: that is Akuo’s guiding vision, and its holistic vision of projects always keeps Akuo one step ahead.

Un management ouvert et collaboratif

Crowdfunding to allow everyone to get involved in the energy transition

To encourage the general public to become increasingly involved in the energy transition, Akuo focused on another innovation: AkuoCoop, its own crowdfunding platform that, since 2017, allows all citizens and businesses to financially participate in energy transition projects near them and to reap the financial rewards. Akuo has chosen to have its own tool in order to ensure that it is reliable and transparent for those who wish to work with us in this respect.

Un investissement participatif

First floating solar plant to give the region a new lease of life

In order to increase the volume of land able to accommodate solar projects, Akuo had the innovative idea of deploying solar panels on water. The Company developed France’s first floating solar plant with a total capacity of 22 MW in Piolenc, in the Rhone valley north of Avignon, France, to breath a new lease of life into an unused artificial lake resulting from a former quarry.

Première centrale solaire flottante

Sunstyle: innovative and esthetically pleasing solar tiles

In 2008, Akuo launched the first version of the Sunstyle® solar roof at Saint Charles International in Perpignan, European leader in fruit and vegetable sales, transport and logistics. The Sunstyle® photovoltaic roof sparked such enthusiasm that it was used to upgrade the entire surface area (68,000 m²) of the roof of the Perpignan warehouse, thus making it the world’s largest building-incorporated solar plant at that time. With an output of 9 MW, this experiment demonstrated the pertinence and potential of this energy-producing construction material. Several years of hindsight have enabled this technology and its performances in terms of energy production and endurance to be thoroughly tried and tested. Since this first successful trial, Sunstyle®’s development has continued, notably resulting in the product’s esthetic refinement with a broader range of possible colors. These solar tiles are now a sought-after component for urban planners and architects.

Sunstyle, des tuiles solaires innovantes et esthétiques
Eric Scotto, co-fondateur d’Akuo
We’re a group of committed professionals intent on leaving future generations a healthy and sustainable planet. Societal, economic and technological innovation is a key component of this mission.