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Floating solar, a technology for the future

The principle of a floating solar power plant is simple: standard solar panels are installed on floaters, held together either with metal structures or with other floaters. This set of PV modules creates islands, which stay in place by being anchored to the bottom or bank of the lake. Floating power plants are mostly installed on quarry lakes, or unused expanses of water.

Floating solar power plant has developed considerably in recent years all over the world and is forecast to see faster growth in the medium term. According to Deloitte, the global installed capacity could exceed 5 GW at the end of 2022 and reach 13 GW by 2025. This technology has the advantage of allowing the use of new surfaces, while minimizing conflicts.


First industrial success with O’MEGA1

Akuo acquired this technology in 2019 and commissioned O'MEGA1, France's first floating solar power plant, in Piolenc (southeast France). The power plant is installed on a submerged site, rendered artificial by years of quarrying. With an initial capacity of 17 MWp, the plant was enlarged in 2022 to reach 22 MWp.


Scaling up

Following the success of O'MEGA1, we are developing many other projects and we are also involved in several groups working on this technology.



The European project SERENDI-PV involves a number of renewable energy stakeholders at a European level and aims to improve the performance and reliability of solar systems. Some of the innovations developed through this project are dedicated to floating solar, in which Akuo plays a key role in the verification and validation of the research carried out.

Visuel panneau solaire

Trust PV

Also in the context of European research and innovation, Akuo is taking part in the Trust PV project, in order to share our experience in operating this new technology with the solar sector.

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