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Defending our principles and our planet!

Activists by nature, not only do we uphold our commitments to our stakeholders, but also more broadly to our planet. Motivation is needed for the future to unfold and so we truly strive to assert and defend concrete commitments:

Défendre nos principes et notre planète

Our CSR commitment

  • Reduce dependence on fossil fuels

Fossil fuel dependence is the cause of geopolitical conflicts and the acceleration of climate change. We are helping to reduce our civilization's dependence on fossil fuels as much as possible by building and operating green power plants using renewable resources such as wind and sun.

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

In 2019, 59.1 billion tons of CO2 were released into the atmosphere, but what’s more, energy production accounted for 27% of the European Union's greenhouse gas emissions. Our value proposition counters this trend in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, according to the IRENA, renewable energy and electrification can reduce emissions from the energy sector by 75%. We are proud that each of our projects contributes to this global objective. (Reference here)

  • Support the transition of agricultural sectors

There will be no change without the transition of all sectors, and so we are committed to supporting agricultural transition projects, particularly through the agrivoltaics concept, which combines green power generation and farming.

  • Co-develop projects for the benefit of regions

Since Akuo was founded, we have decided to apply the principles of the AA 1000 standard developed in 2003 by British NGOs, which defines and measures a systematic stakeholder commitment process.

Each power plant must be part of a local environment. We are therefore committed to going well beyond standard impact studies and to including local populations in the co-development of the overall project. All projects are designed to create a solution for a local need.

We have values and energy to spare!

Nos valeurs et notre énergie


We take transparency seriously! We share what we know and are not afraid to admit that our tests are an integral part of our experience. Each solution we study is one step more towards progress. We are honest about our figures and our balance sheets, and always remember that our plants are financed, built and operated by men and women who are committed and believe in what we do.
Concerter les partenaires


The strength of our collective is mutual learning and experience. Evolving together means staying united in adopting the best practices from the field. We believe it is okay to make mistakes because each experience builds a better future.


The revolution will not happen without every effort, so let’s dream and dare to make it happen! Let’s boldly choose innovative solutions while aiming for the highest sustainability standards for each of our projects.


Akuo has paved the way in the sector through its exemplary conduct and creativity: our tenacity has pointed the way forward for practices and even standards. Smart use of all spaces, for example, has become a matter of course.
durabilité akuo valeur


For a sustainable and responsible renewable energy-based power generation project, we must set the example across the entire value chain, especially for energy storage. Each new solution designed must guarantee that its operation will be sustainable.

Our gender equality index in 2023: 89/100

  • Pay gap indicator: 34/40 
  • Indicator relating to the gap in the rate of individual increases: 35/35 
  • Indicator relating to the % of female employees who received a raise in the year following their return from maternity leave: 15/15 
  • Indicator relating to the number of employees of the under-represented gender among the 10 employees with the highest salaries: 5/10


Overall result level: 89/100 points


Akuo Whistleblowing System

In accordance with our ethical commitments, we have implemented a whistleblowing system for the reporting and processing of professional alerts in compliance with the applicable regulations.

The whistleblowing system, which is open to all Akuo Group employees as well as to its various stakeholders (co-contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, job applicants, shareholders or committees’ members), is accessible via a secured platform at the following link and is available in 3 languages (French, English and Spanish).

It enables any person concerned to report reprehensible conduct in contradiction with our values while guaranteeing the confidentiality of information provided during exchanges with the designated referents.

We invite you to read the detailed process (downloadable on the website of the system at the link above) in order to ensure that the situation encountered may constitute a professional alert within the prescribed framework.

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