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AkuoCoop is the proprietary crowdfunding platform of the Akuo group, an independent global renewable energy producer and developer. AkuoCoop allows individuals and companies to invest in renewable energy production assets while benefiting from the Akuo teams’ expertise and knowhow.

Accéder à une épargne verte

Take action for the energy transition

AkuoCoop provides everyone and anyone with an opportunity to give purpose to their savings. Indeed, equity-based investments in renewable energies is an innovative and practical financing solution enabling people to participate in their region’s energy transition while benefiting from these assets’ financial profitability.

Invest in real assets

Infrastructure investment in renewable energy projects is an asset class that offers stable revenue and little correlation to the macroeconomic situation. In France, each renewable energy plant enjoys a power purchase agreement covering a period of at least 20 years and at a guaranteed price. AkuoCoop solely offers investments in assets in pre-construction and during a project’s financial closure. At this stage, projects are released from any claims and possess a building permit, a power purchasing contract and a bank financing mandate. The investment’s profitability depends on the natural resource’s generation potential (amount of wind or sunshine).


One of the Île-de-France region’s largest solar plants

With an output of 17MWp, this solar plant, located in Annet-sur-Marne (Seine-et-Marne) to the east of Paris, is installed on a former inert waste storage facility either side of TGV Est Européen train tracks. 

This project being one of the Île-de-France region’s first solar plants, AkuoCoop wanted to enable as many of the region’s residents as possible to participate in its financing. In total, over 2 million euros were thus raised from hundreds of investors – individuals and businesses – and five local authorities and institutions: the municipality of Annet-sur-Marne, Syndicat d’Energie de Seine-et-Marne (SDESM), Communauté de Commune Plaines et Monts de France and two local semi-public companies, SIP EnR and Île-de-France Energies

This shareholder structure, unique in France for this type of project, makes the Annet-Les Gabots plant a genuine regional initiative made possible and backed by local inhabitants and elected representatives. 

Les gabots

Extension of the first floating solar farm in France

With an output of 5 MWp, the O’MEGA 1 bis extension to the O’MEGA 1 floating solar farm will take the plant’s total installed output to 22 MWp.

Public support for this extension was immediate. Indeed, the O’MEGA 1 project attracted numerous visits to the site by local inhabitants and businesses. The educational paths installed with the support of the Akuo Foundation also helped many children take ownership of this achievement and become its ambassadors. Naturally, the possibility provided to local inhabitants of participating in the financing of the second part of the project was a resounding success. Local companies wanted to join in too, given that this project allows them to further establish their support of local projects.

This positive momentum led to over 560,000 euros being collected from local investors.

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