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From the island-continent of Australia to the atolls of French Polynesia, the Asia-Pacific region is one where Akuo’s ADN has thrived right from the outset.

Our expertise and pioneering presence in island and tropical territories have led us to develop new solutions for the region. The diverse range of challenges in terms of geography, weather, technical considerations, and socio-economic factors make this an especially stimulating environment for our people.

We deliver synergies through innovation to serve communities throughout the region with our green power solutions. After starting out in the Indonesian archipelago, followed by Australia, we’ve gone on to expand into New Caledonia, the Kingdom of Tonga, French Polynesia, and most recently New Zealand – a country with plenty of potential for the solar power market.

Centrales agrivoltaïques en Nouvelle-Calédonie

Asia-Pacific projects: plenty of potential

The geographical diversity of the Asia-Pacific region offers multiple possibilities. These opportunities are fuelling our ambitions as we seek to meet local expectations in terms of efficiency. In Australia, for instance, the market has extremely demanding performance requirements.

Challege de stockage

Our key asset: a taste for challenge

We’re not afraid of challenges – and allowing complex and remote territories to achieve energy sovereignty is a profound source of motivation for us.

Our particularity stems from our engagement in all relevant business lines and our extensive experience in the many different environments in which our people are working. We see these diverse environments and demanding requirements as an everyday source of strength.

Whether you’re in the forests of Borneo, the ‘Red Centre’ desert of Australia or the Tuamotu Islands, the challenges of being cut off from the outside world are the same. These territories are varied and sometimes remote, but many of them have the same issues when it comes to access to energy. Their isolated nature makes them even more dependent on fossil fuels. Another common point is their need for optimised agriculture because of hard-to-farm land.

All this means that we’re keen to develop the right solutions for such territories, with a particular focus on agrivoltaics and storage. With many years of relevant experience, our teams deliver solutions that are welcomed by local communities, well aware that these innovative concepts offer them the means to recover their autonomy, recreate new local energy and food resources, and create new jobs – so that there’s less incentive to move away from the area.

Jean Ballandras, CEO, Akuo Asie-Pacifique
The Asia-Pacific region is characterised by complexity. And that’s why it’s such an exciting place for our people to work. There’s no shortage of arguments in favour of giving up, but we’ve set out to do just the opposite. Here at Akuo, renewable energy projects aren’t evaluated on the basis of their potential size but on the basis of the benefits they can deliver to local communities, who are always at the heart of our strategy.

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