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The context

Akuo began its activity in the Pacific in 2015 in New Caledonia, thanks to a meeting – which has since evolved into a solid partnership – with a local farmer sensitive to environmental issues who was looking for greenhouses that could withstand cyclones in order to be able to provide local inhabitants with fruit and vegetables throughout the year. Building on the experience acquired on Reunion Island, Akuo thus designed Focola, its first agrivoltaics project in the Pacific. Since then, our teams have developed and built three solar farms that they are currently operating: 

  • Focola, the Pacific’s first Agrinergie® project – 1.7 MW of photovoltaic greenhouses; 

  • Ouaco Agrinergie®, combining GPMV (Ground-Mounted PV) and photovoltaic greenhouses in the North Province - 5 MW of solar; 

  • Kwita Wije SAS, combining GPMV, photovoltaic greenhouses and storage - 6 MW of solar & 3 MW / 3 MWh of storage. 

The Akuo teams are continuing to develop several renewable energy projects in New Caledonia, by constantly highlighting the values that characterize us, combining the local production of green energy associated with innovative agricultural crops, with an approach that directly focuses on the expectations and needs of local communities and players. 

Our vision

For some years now, New Caledonia has begun implementing a proactive energy transition agenda initially focused on making the islands’ electricity grid greener but recently expanded, via an ambitious and avant-garde approach, to industrial uses associated with the nickel-based economy.

Akuo has been able to support this ramping up of New Caledonia’s renewable energy issues by winning two separate calls for tender – 35 MW of solar and 30 MW of wind – located in the South Province that illustrate, through their size and location, the virtuous trajectory the islands are targeting. 

Our teams are mobilized to keep pace with these tenders, henceforth extended to high-power storage projects, in order to play a pivotal role in the success of New Caledonia’s ambition to be exemplary in the rapid and widescale deployment of renewable energies. 

Akuo’s unique journey and history in island nations is reflected, in its various forms, in our operational projects in New Caledonia. More than simply a digest of the innovative concepts we believe in, it is a compelling showcase of our know-how for other Pacific islands, living testimony of the values that guide us to provide renewable and sustainable solutions for these remote and scattered communities.

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