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Contexte du projet

Ouaco is the second agrivoltaic solar plant developed by Akuo in New Caledonia. The project comprises two components: 4.4 MWp of ground-based panels and 0.6 MWp of panels on cyclone-proof agricultural greenhouses, representing a greenhouse surface area of over 7,000 m².

Ouaco was a result of the partnership between Enercal Energies Nouvelles, Akuo and Nord Avenir to develop renewable energy projects using innovative technologies such as agrivoltaics and floating solar.

The greenhouses have been designed to be cyclone-proof and thus protect the farmer’s crops from extreme weather in a region regularly hit by cyclones.

At the height of its construction, up to forty people worked on the site. The entire workforce employed there was local.

Ouaco akuo

Our CSR commitments

Responsible Farming Production

The construction of greenhouses at the Ouaco plant was also caried out within the framework of more responsible farming. Indeed, the crop-growing on J-C Niautou’s land has complied with “Responsible Farming” certification criteria for many years now, and permaculture processes have also been deployed on the site since the construction of the greenhouses was completed.

Ouaco akuo

Creation of sustainable farming jobs

Thanks to the putting in place of these cyclone-proof greenhouses, crop-growing is no longer dependent on the weather, resulting in regular harvests and thus permanent employment.

Ouaco akuo

Governance shared with Nord Avenir and Enercal Energies Nouvelles

The result of a partnership with Enercal Energies Nouvelles and Nord Avenir allowing an optimal sharing of expertise, the plant’s maintenance is ensured by Enercal Energies Nouvelles, which delegates an employee to constantly monitor the facilities.

Akuo Ouaco

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