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Renewable energies on the market

In 2017, Akuo anticipated the reduction and the subsequent withdrawal of public support mechanisms such as the power purchasing obligation, and began specializing in the sale of electricity based on specific energy market mechanisms: corporate PPA, contracting with aggregators, arbitrage on the main market segments, and system services.

This is the core business of our Energy Markets Business Unit which defines and implements this marketing strategy in line with the Group’s power plant financing criteria.


Greed PPA - a vital tool for renewable energy financing

In the current energy context, renewable energies are the only solution to the unprecedented rise in energy prices and their volatility. When regulations so permit, industrial and tertiary stakeholders as well as public authorities can sign corporate PPAs. Under these long-term agreements (generally more than ten years), the price of electricity can be set at a level linked to the production cost and to investments made in power plants; the price is therefore uncoupled from the markets and their often dramatic fluctuations.

Signing these agreements is crucial for power plant financing as it guarantees stable revenues for the projects’ financial partners. Symmetrically, it allows the buyer to purchase electricity from renewable sources, at a competitive price over the long term that is not exposed to the vagaries of commodity markets.


Unprecedented market dynamics for renewable energy

Launched several years ago in the United States and Scandinavia, corporate PPAs are seeing strong growth throughout the world and particularly in Europe. By providing this expertise in-house, Akuo is the direct contact for companies wishing to enter into this type of agreement. This positioning gives us a better understanding of the buyer’s strategic issues and integrates its business needs into the contract.


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