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Helping to build a better world!

By developing the use of renewable energy through technology, by farming sustainably and by ensuring respect for ecosystems, we work for the future and for the energy and food sovereignty of the world’s populations.

Eric Scotto
For a long time, renewable energy was called alternative energy, often with a condescending air. Today, we can state loud and clear that there are no alternatives to renewable energy.

More than a mission: a priority

Energy and food independence requires the implementation of innovative projects. But not simply innovative projects - projects with awareness: successful technology is technology designed for the direct benefit of a region and which meets several needs.

With this in mind, we support both financially and on the ground the revolution and progress needed to address the urgent issues of climate change and the need for sustainable food for everyone.

The technology we develop must be adapted to unique, specific contexts, and we ensure that our power plants have a positive impact while fitting into their environment.

This is part of our shared responsibility.


Progress at the heart of our vision

With continuous improvement as our driving force, we value learning from the multiple experiences of our projects in operation, across every region, every country and every culture.

We have seen that what works in one place does not always work in another, and that adaptation and agility are vital. We can confirm that our models based on past visions of progress are not suited to the urgency we face and that it is time to raise awareness. Visualizing is good. Acting is better!

We focus on the overall result of a project, and make sure that, once in operation, it brings notable and sustainable benefits for society.

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Boldness for strategy

Since sharing and openness are key factors in every project, our model is based on technological diversification and international operation.

Independent and with a long-term vision, we are present across the entire value chain, leveraging know-how in each activity: the development, financing, construction and operation of our projects.

We have learned that an ecosystem works precisely because it is balanced, varied and in perfect symbiosis with its stakeholders: each one relies on the other and provides for the other in turn.

Diverting all or part of an ecosystem results in canceling the synergies and destroying the whole. It is therefore essential for us to integrate each player of a project, because its success can only be achieved with the full involvement and attention of all.

Our purpose is more essential today than ever before. When we founded Akuo, we already had the goal of promoting a new, decentralized and sustainable energy model, based on local renewable energies. Decentralizing this model has the advantage of using the natural and local resources that are available to us.

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