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Fields of expertise in project development

Business Developer professions allow a renewable energy plant to develop from a simple idea into a solid and sustainable project, validated by all the public and private players involved in its implementation.

Exploration and prospecting, coordination of studies, research work and administrative approvals, relations with local residents, associations and local authorities: these are all missions associated with development professions. For its teams, Akuo regularly looks for talented new people for the following positions:

  • Business Developer
  • Project Developer
  • Project Developer - Agrinergie ®



Fields of expertise in structured financing

Akuo can count on a solid project financing team that handles the structuring of the Group's financing.

In liaison with commercial or development banks and other leading financial institutions, our structured financing experts are responsible for putting financial packages together to finalize non-recourse financing operations.

To achieve this, Akuo regularly seeks talented new staff of project Finance Analyst.

rh bos métiers financement structuré

Technological expertise

The ‘Techno & Competitiveness’ team steers Akuo’s strategy regarding its solar, wind and storage technologies. It intervenes to support teams with their projects, notably on design, generation potential and business plan issues and the choice of equipment.

Its role is to improve the Group’s competitiveness by overseeing and enhancing each activity’s processes, by incorporating new business models but also by ensuring technical monitoring. Another of the team’s roles is to maintain a high technical expertise level within the Group by organizing training and providing in-house expertise. In order to meet these requirements, Akuo is recruiting the following: 

  • Solar technology expert
  • Wind technology expert
  • Energy storage technology expert
métiers expertises technologiques

Fields of expertise in project structuring and execution

The teams in charge of Structuring and Execution (S&E) demonstrate substantial expertise, in response to the challenge that is the transition from project stage to the realization of an electricity production infrastructure on the ground.

Project coordination and risk management, contract negociation and management, procurement and supply chain management, supervision of construction on the ground, but also technical fields of expertise (civil engineering and electrical engineering): Akuo has a broad range of internalized professions. To meet these challenges, Akuo recruits :

  • Project coordinator
  • Civil works engineer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Contract Manager
  • Logistics and transport manager
  • Construction manager
  • Site Manager
cèdres métier rh

Fields of expertise in Asset Management

Once a power plant is commissioned at the end of its construction, the Asset Management teams take over.

Each Asset Manager is responsible for managing his or her own portfolio of power plants within a defined geographical area.

Financial, operational and contractual management, the Asset Manager’s mission is to ensure the highest possible level of technical and economic performance, complying with the industry’s best practices from a safety and risk management perspective.

The growing number of plants commissioned in recent years has led to substantial recruitment momentum in all the regions in which the Group operates, as asset manager.

foma éolienne

Fields of expertise in Maintenance

Complementary to Asset Management, maintenance is a fundamental activity that ensures the day-to-day supervision and maintenance of the Group’s power plants in order to guarantee their optimal efficiency.

Maintenance is undertaken primarily on the ground, via technical monitoring enabling performances to be optimized and assets’ life cycles to be extended by anticipating production stoppages as much as possible.

Quality, rigor and precision in all maintenance operations are essential attributes in this work on the ground.

The Akuo Group regularly recruits: 

  • PV maintenance technician

  • Asset supervisor

Bellegarde métiers maintenance akuo

Fields of expertise in IT, OT, and Data

The IT, OT & Digital team has substantial added value. The IT (Information Technology) team is responsible for creating and maintaining an IT infrastructure that enables all members of staff to work and communicate with each other. It is also responsible for the design and/or deployment of software (applications) enabling tasks to be standardized and automated. IT provides all Group functions with the means to work in an efficient and effective manner.

OT (Operational Technology) is an activity that uses devices (ex: automatons) and software to control our industrial equipment, notably within the framework of the management and distribution of the energy produced by our power plants.With a growing number of projects aimed at modernizing our IT/OT tools & practices, Akuo is regularly looking for talented new staff to recruit to these professions:

  • Scada Developer  

  • Systems Engineer 

  • Lead Data Officer

it métiers akuo rh

Fields of expertise in cross-business

Our projects could not be completed without the wealth of professions our Group comprises. Akuo internalizes a broad array of expertise and know-how that is shared and transmitted at each stage of our projects:

  • Legal and Compliance professions (business law, insurance law, corporate law, compliance)
  • Finance professions (management control, consolidation, cash flow, taxation, accounting, etc.)
  • Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) professions
  • Human Resources professions (personnel administration, payroll administration, recruitment, training, talent management)
  • Communication and Public Affairs professions
  • And many more.
collaborateurs akuo métiers transverse rh