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About Akuo

The Group has more than 80 renewable energy production plants in operation and under construction around the world, and is currently experiencing an acceleration in its growth due in particular to the geopolitical context and the global awareness of climate change. 

An integrated player for 15 years, Akuo has internalized all the businesses of its value chain since its origin. Established in more than 20 countries, Akuo has multiple expertise in the production of renewable energies, storage and sustainable agriculture to meet the electrical and agricultural needs of all territories.

Capital structure

Since it was founded, the Group is owned by its founding directors.  

In early 2022, ICG Infra, the infrastructure fund of ICG* (Intermediate Capital Group), came to support Eric Scotto and Patrice Lucas in pursuing this development strategy by providing additional financial resources to speed up the Group’s development.  

As a result, the Group is now 96% owned by a holding company composed of the two founders and ICG Infra, with the employee investment fund (FCPE) and performance share plan representing the remaining 4% of capital. 

Pursuing its diversification strategy, Akuo relies on a business model made of long-term green electricity sales contracts to both public and private enterprises. 

* ICG Infra

ICG is a global alternative asset manager. ICG provides flexible capital solutions to help companies develop and grow. The Group is a global alternative asset manager with 33 years’ history, managing more than $70bn of assets under management and investing across the capital structure. Founded in 2018 and based in Paris, ICG Infra has a strong experience in the energy, transportation, telecom, environmental and industry-service sectors.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the members of General Management as well as the heads of the support functions and the Group’s six regional managers. This committee is the Group’s think tank, and its consultation, decision-making and management body. It is responsible for sharing information in order to prevent risks and seize opportunities.

Luc François - Deputy CEO Finance & Market

Luc François - DGA Finances & Marché

Valery Sellem - CEO Legal & Risk

Valery Sellem - DGA Juridique & Risque

Romain Davau - Head of Project Finance

Romain Davau

Stéphane Renard - Chief Financial Officer

Stephane Renard Akuo

Rémi Moscato - Head of Structuring and Execution


Grégory Pardieu - Head of Human Resources

Grégory Pardieu - Directeur Ressources Humaines

Alexandra Sombsthay - Head of External Relations and Communications

Alexandra Sombsthay - Directrice Relations Extérieures et Communication

Steve Arcelin - Head of Western Europe & Overseas

Steve Arcelin - Directeur Europe de l’Ouest

Pierre-Antoine Berthold - Head of Africa


Jean Ballandras - Head of Asia-Pacific


Kathleen Himber - Head of North America


Quentin Ghysen - Head of Latin America

Quentin Ghysen - Directeur Amérique Latine & Centrale

Antoine Guimard - Head of Central Europe

Antoine Guimard - Directeur Europe centrale

Éric Delteil - Head of Asset Management & Maintenance 

Éric Delteil

Éric Scotto - President, CEO and co-founder of Akuo

eric scotto akuo

Commitment Committee

The Commitment Committee approves all the Group’s commitments, whether investments in projects, new activities or even off-balance sheet commitments. It has eight members, including the General Management team.

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