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Our renewable energy development business consists in identifying favourable sites for future power plants on the basis of their potential in terms of renewable resources (sunlight, wind speed, etc.). Our experts study the constraints in terms of electrical hook-up and securing the land, carry out environmental and regulatory studies, and are responsible for assessing the site’s potential energy resources.

Each region has its own specific requirements; Akuo’s experience and expertise make us well-placed to address these. Our projects are innovative, and allow the intrinsic resources of each region to be put to the best possible use.

Our development business also deals with economic analysis, power plant design, and all the administrative procedures required before construction can start.

Le développement

Site analysis: the birth of a project


Prospection to identify favourable sites and assess their potential may have several origins:

  • Requests for proposals from public or private-sector bodies,
  • The network of excellent relationships built up between Akuo and local stakeholders through existing projects and those under development,
  • Cartographic analysis.

Pre-feasibility studies are conducted to examine all the characteristics of the land: environmental, landscaping, agricultural, and technical issues; rights of way, planning, power supply, etc.

Once a high-potential site has been identified, consultations are carried out with the owner with a view to gaining a clear understanding of the site’s particularities and defining the broad outline of the project. Once a shared vision has been established, an agreement is entered into between the landowner and Akuo: this constitutes a framework for development of the project and access to the land.

Our priority: securing the land and consulting stakeholders

Each project development begins by securing the land through an agreement with the owner. At the same time, a number of other activities are carried out:

Launching and monitoring of technical studies

Technical studies covering environmental impacts, electrical hook-up, topography, etc. are launched and monitored, providing a clearer overview of all the site’s particularities and ensuring these are properly taken into account in the design of the project at as early stage as possible.

Concerter les partenaires

Precise definition of the project

Precise definition of the project: dimensioning, location, and the choice of technology. The project definition must include all the specific considerations and issues identified for the site during the course of the study phase. For agrivoltaics – an area in which Akuo is a pioneer – plenty of consideration is given to defining the technology used, so as to optimise the synergies between agricultural and photovoltaic outputs.  


Consultation with local stakeholders

We engage with the local council, local residents, administrative authorities, and others during development and design, resulting in a co-built project. Acting with transparency and being attentive to local concerns is key to our vision, as it allows a relationship of trust to be established. Our engagement with each locality is a long-term one, so ensuring good buy-in to the project is a prerequisite; ultimately, the project is destined to become a local source of wealth.


The development phase

The development phase also includes monitoring the progress of the project in administrative terms, as well as completing the formalities required to obtain building permits. Once the building permit has been issued, our development teams continue to monitor the project through to construction, thus ensuring a seamless connection with our Structuring & Execution teams and local stakeholders.

administration développement
Renewable project development at Akuo is a creative and collaborative stage. During this timelapse, we devote the needed time to listen and co-work with all relevant stakeholders such as citizens, local NGOs or elected officials. We are fortunate to co-create projects with local communities and to empower them, so that we can all fight together against climate change.

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