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Elegant, integrated solar panels

SunStyle International, a subsidiary of the Akuo Group, is a French co-designer and manufacturer of solar roof tiles. In addition to their roofing function, the SunStyle® tiles combine power generation with a contemporary style to create buildings that meet environmental challenges. SunStyle® tiles can be easily installed by roofers, and allow solar tiles to be deployed in protected heritage areas.

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First successful trial in 2011

More than 97,000 SunStyle®  solar tiles were installed between 2009 and 2011 on one of Europe’s largest food distribution centers, the Saint Charles International market in Perpignan, turning the warehouses into the world’s biggest building-integrated power plant. Still today, the 9 MW of installed capacity supply 15% of the power used in Perpignan. The installation has exceeded all expectations and has been a source of valuable feedback for over ten years.

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SunStyle® spotlighted at the Dubai World Expo

SunStyle® technology was selected by Cofrex (Compagnie Française des Expositions) for the façades of the French Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo. Innovative and virtuous in both its design and operation, the Pavilion demonstrated the benefits of solar tiles, thanks to which the building was almost completely energy self-sufficient.

Proven technology

As a guarantee of reliability, the solar tile has earned certifications and technical opinions meeting the highest international standards. Finally, SunStyle® is also one of the first solutions to be awarded the Solar Impulse Foundation label, as an innovative and economically viable technology for protecting the environment.

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Google paves the way with the Dragonscale solar roof

Google’s Dragonscale solar roof sets an example for those wishing to design their own fully integrated solar roof. There are numerous possibilities, for both commercial and private buildings.

The four Dragonscale solar roofs have a combined installed capacity of 7 megawatts, enough to cover 40% of the electricity needs of the four buildings.

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