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An innovative photovoltaic plant

The Olmo I project, located on the northern edge of the Olmo II project, was the first industrial photovoltaic plant combined with an electricity storage unit in Corsica, becoming operational in 2015.

With an installed capacity of 4 MWp and a Li-Ion battery storage capacity of 4 MWh, the plant provides a solution to the issue of integrating renewable energies within the power grids of ‘non-interconnected’ regions.

As well as overcoming the intermittent nature associated with this type of production by injecting stable and controlled power, it offers guaranteed support for the grid’s stability thanks to a smart voltage and wattage monitoring and regulating system.


The key to a stabilized power supply

With its storage capacity of almost 4 MWh, the Olmo I solar plant provides a response to an issue often highlighted by critics of renewable energies: the intermittency of production. During peak production times (during daylight hours), the batteries allow electricity to be stored so it can be reinjected into the grid when demand is greatest (most often in the evening).



The Olmo II extension

The Olmo II plant is located alongside a temporary stream, cultivated land and other photovoltaic plants, i.e. within a genuine hub of agricultural and energy production activity. With a capacity of 4.2 MW, the plant was developed in a way that enables it to be perfectly integrated within its environment: two artificial ponds have been established in order to create a natural environment conducive to the development of endemic species such as the discoglossus sardus and discoglossus montalentii painted frogs, hyla sarda Sardinian tree frog and European pond turtle. 


Our CSR commitment

A haven for livestock farming and biodiversity

The agricultural component that has been put in place includes the provision of land throughout the year for a local shepherd’s flock of sheep to graze on, as well as the collaboration with Syndicat Apicole Corse (the Corsican beekeepers’ federation) to host some 40 beehives on the site during their summer transhumance.


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