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A movement launched in 2018, ‘On est Prêt’ (we’re ready) comprises experts, leading figures and doers on the ground who want to increase awareness of, and engage people in, environmental and social issues through massive digital actions, the support of cultural leaders and the creation of videos to encourage citizens to tackle issues close to them and create a debate both in the public arena and at home.  

Welcome to the wilderness

In 2022, The Akuo Foundation supported the ‘On est Prêt’ movement for the Bienvenue en Zone Sauvage (welcome to the wilderness) campaign, an appeal to the general public regarding the protection of wild fauna in France, Spain, Germany and Belgium. Over a period of 45 days, ‘On est Prêt’ proposed inspirational content to help people to better get to know these endangered species and understand the impact our lifestyles are having on the decline of our wild fauna, but also to enable them to discover and support practical actions undertaken by associations on the ground that have decided to take action without waiting for policymakers to act. 

On Est Prêt

Fighting against eco-anxiety

The Akuo Foundation has also supported ‘On est Prêt’ with the setting up of an awareness-raising campaign focusing on eco-anxiety. The purpose of this campaign is to help French people, and in particular young people, transform their eco-anxiety into a driving force for climate change action.  

On Est Prêt

130 000

raised via Bienvenue en Zone Sauvage for associations involved in protecting endangered species


rallying actions undertaken by On est Prêt 

463 000

subscribers on all platforms