AQUANERGIE is the application of Agrinergie® principles to fish farming.
Given the significant area occupied by fish farming pools, the potential of this new concept is enormous.


of Aquanergie projects in operation, under construction or with financing underway

What if photovoltaic screens could also protect fish ponds? As a development of Agrinergie®, which creates synergy between solar power and farming, Akuo Energy has invented Aquanergie, as represented by the pioneering Les Cèdres project on Réunion.
Combining raised semi-photovoltaic sunshades above growing ponds, Aquanergie projects have a number of advantages: they protect young fish from predators, they help optimize the water management cycle,


A pioneer of fish farming on Réunion, Max Dyckerhoff has, for the last quarter of a century or more, supplied local retailers with fish, particularly tilapia. The first concrete example of synergy between fish farming and energy production, the photovoltaic solar shading over the ponds at Les Cèdres optimize operations and help boost the fish farming industry in Réunion.