Press coverage

  1. 29/01/2021
    Akuo commissions 50 MW solar plant in Mali
    The latest PV installation in West Africa by France’s Akuo features an agricultural and social component on a 5-hectare plot of land next to the project site.
  2. 29/01/2021
    MALI: Akuo Energy commissions its 50 MWp Kita solar power plant
    The French independent power producer (IPP) Akuo Energy is commissioning its Kita solar photovoltaic power plant. With a capacity of 50 MWp, it is one of the largest photovoltaic installations in West Africa.
  3. 02/10/2020
    Bertrand Piccard: The explorer who wants to clean up the skies, and the rest of the planet
    (CNN) — As a boy, Bertrand Piccard traveled to Cape Canaveral, Florida, to watch the launch of an Apollo mission. As formative experiences go, it's up there. The roar of thrusters, burning bright; the arc of the rocket piercing the sky, heading for the depths of space...
  4. 09/06/2020
    Breaking away from the path dependency
    Switzerland's Bertrand Picard, the initiator and co-pilot of Solar Impulse, speaks beside model of the Solar Impulse plane at EU...
  5. 26/01/2017
    Akuo Energy moves forward with construction of wind farm near Del Rio
    A town with a population of 10 is now busy as a beehive following the start of a project to build a 150-megawatt wind farm more than 200 miles northwest of San Antonio.
  6. 12/02/2015
    Pertamina, Akuo Energy team up to develop renewable energy
  7. 13/08/2013
    Akuo taps $80m for Uruguay wind
  8. 13/08/2013
    KfW Bank of Germany funds 42-Megawatt Akuo wind farm in Uruguay
  9. 26/06/2013
    R20 founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger selected French developer Akuo Energy as exclusive partner to develop solar and hydroelectric plants in Mali
  10. 24/06/2013
    Akuo Energy opens $120 M Solar Park in Southern France
  11. 01/03/2013
    Akuo Energy to spend $205 million to build 2 uruguay wind farms
  12. 07/02/2013
    Bloomberg_Akuo starts building 13-Megawatt biomass power plant in France
  13. 15/01/2013
    V112 first for Uruguay
  14. 14/12/2012
    NIS and Energowind to jointly develop 102 MW serbian wind farm
  15. 06/12/2010
    Maldives, home of rising sea levels and the green elite's new meeting place
  16. 14/09/2010
    President Nasheed of the Maldives to keynote six senses eco symposium in October
  17. 10/06/2010
    Capital Thinking
    Akuo Energy USA, on the wave of the next revolution
  18. PV Tech
    Akuo Energy teams with Schwarzenegger body to develop PV in Mali