The Group


Akuo Energy was created in 2007 by the founders of Perfect Wind, who a year earlier had sold their entire wind portfolio (600MW) to Iberdrola. A company majority owned by its co-founders, Akuo Energy is the product of the combination of two observations: “it is now possible for all of us to act to ensure we leave a better world for our children”, and “renewable energy offers incredible growth potential in France and around the world”.

This is why, since its very early days, Akuo Energy has been committed to developing and operating projects that go beyond simply producing renewable power and create additional social benefits for the inhabitants of the areas in which they are located. This strategy has allowed Akuo Energy to establish itself as France’s leading independent producer of renewable energy in just a few short years.

Focus : origin of Akuo Name

Akuo is a name of Japanese origins, whose orthography has been modified: Hakuhoo. It refers to 2 different meanings: the mythic bird rising from its own ashes (The White Phoenix) and the Hakuhō period (白鳳時代 Hakuhō jidai), the "white phoenix period" wich lasted from 672 through 686. Hakuhō is conventionally used to identify a broad historical and artistic period of the late seventh century.

The term is primarily used in art history. It was also period rich in renewal in all areas of the Japanese society: spiritual, political, aesthetic, moral, social and artistic, best embodied in the famous Budhic Triad sculptures from the Yakushiji temple in Nara.

Key figures
  • 212 m€

    Total Group Revenues as of end 2018

  • 1193 MW

    Capacity in service and under construction

  • €2.5 Bn

    Cumulative investment by the group since inception as of end 2019

  • >3000 MW

    Total capacity of Akuo's portfolio as of end 2018

Our values
  • Conviction

    At Akuo Energy we are convinced that our actions are right and we pursue them with passion. Tackling climate change is essential and we have elected to take part in this process by supporting the expansion of renewable energies. Today, we need to go further: a good project is a project with strong roots in its location; one that produces not only green energy but also works symbiotically with its environment.

  • Team spirit

    Team spirit is a core value at Akuo Energy. All our projects are an expression of this spirit, and multi-disciplinary working is a guiding principle alongside listening, respect for others and transparency. Each instant is seen as an opportunity to exchange and share ideas.

  • Daring

    Akuo Energy is a group in movement in markets in movement. In such circumstances, there is no such thing as a bad idea, only ideas to be dreamed up, shared and experimented with. Daring creativity is a key part of the entrepreneurial nature that has made Akuo Energy what it is today.

Our strategy

As a pure player in renewable energy, Akuo Energy has diversified both in terms of technologies (wind, solar, biomass cogeneration, hydro, marine thermal) and geographies – at the end of 2017 Akuo Energy had fourteen branches and implantations in the world – following an approach that is both opportunistic and focused on niche markets.

Independently owned, Akuo Energy has also sought operational independence by bringing in-house all the required expertise in development, contracts, financial engineering, construction and operation of its projects. A developer and an operator of its own assets, Akuo Energy is giving shape to its long-term vision by systematically retaining control of its assets.

Our businesses

Akuo Energy is an integrated company, which has chosen to internalize all the expertise needed by a developer and operator of renewable energy projects.

  • Development

    Creating projects from scratch, identifying acquisitions with significant potential, designing the layout of a project, optimizing the integration of a project into its environment, holding meetings with the local community and ensuring that planning applications are properly advertised, our development teams have a very broad scope of action which draws on a wide range of skills. Teams are organized by renewable technology.

  • Contracts and financial engineering

    Involved from an early stage of project development, dedicated contract and financial engineering teams offer precious support to the development teams. For the contract teams this comes from their expertise – gained in the British Oil & Gas industry – in negotiating, unstintingly, contracts for projects, whilst in financial engineering it is based on their expertise in the area and the ability to structure projects in a way that meets the needs of financial partners. Combining all this expertise allows ‘bankable’ projects to be created, and these are housed in dedicated vehicles to allow without-recourse financing with an emphasis on attracting local financial partners.

  • Construction

    Construction is a key stage for Akuo Energy, which manages its energy projects over the long term and therefore has to ensure that its projects are built to last. As a result, Akuo Energy is systematically involved in the construction of all of its projects, in a supervisory role at least, thus guaranteeing the quality of works, respect for the deadline and for the highest safety and environmental standards. In addition, the company now acts as the independent contractor for the construction of its solar projects.

  • Operation

    Akuo Energy is an operator. Nearly half of its staff are dedicated to the management of its assets, and Akuo Energy makes the intelligent operation of its projects a core priority. The asset management function is multi-faceted – covering proprietary supervision software, a spare parts strategy, in-house maintenance of solar farms, dedicated local teams, frequent training and monitoring of technological developments – and continuously seeks to optimize the productiveness and lifespan of the group’s projects.