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Blue Marine Foundation is a UK charity association set up in 2010 to protect marine biodiversity. The organization is famous for having carried out a major campaign focusing on restaurants that specialize in fish dishes; called Fish2Fork, this action provided an inventory of eateries that implement a sustainable sourcing policy. It also pushed for the creation of one of the world’s largest marine reserves that includes the entire Chagos Archipelago. Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, this archipelago, which includes the world’s largest atoll, has some 220 species of coral and is a haven for over 1,000 species of fish. 

The creation of a documentary

Subsequently, the Blue Marine Foundation wanted to expand its sphere of action to increasing public awareness. One of its first actions in this respect was thus to alert the general public to the harmful effects of overfishing through a feature-length film called “The End of the Line: How Overfishing Is Changing the World and What We Eat”, which was aired on British national television. This documentary, released in 2009 and then re-released with updates in 2017, assesses the current state of our oceans via various illustrations: the threatening extinction of the bluefin tuna, the overpopulation of jellyfish and its impacts on the marine ecosystem, the expected disappearance of most sea species by 2048 and its disastrous consequences for global food security. 

Blue Foundation

French version

The Akuo Foundation, convinced that the feature film’s message needed to be carried beyond the United Kingdom’s domestic borders, supported the Blue Marine Foundation by participating in the financing of the French version of the film, with the gracious participation of Mélanie Laurent. A number of schools have thus received a DVD of the movie along with educational kits. 

Blue Foundation


number of restaurants who have joined the Blue Marine Foundation cause 


number of schools who have received the DVD and the educational kits