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The Akuo Foundation is helping the Société Calédonienne d’Ornithologie (SCO, the New Caledonian Ornithological Society) to write, publish and distribute a book covering 184 avian species from across New Caledonia: nesting birds, migratory birds, wintering birds and erratic birds. Its purpose is to increase readers’ awareness of the diversity and uniqueness of these species, which are currently threatened by climate change.   

Creation of a reference book

This reference book, prepared by Akuo employee Paul Bonfils, has content that is advanced enough to address experienced ornithologists but rendered accessible to amateurs just getting started with nature’s fascinating story. It is being jointly published by Biotope Editions, the National Museum of Natural History and the Société Calédonienne d’Ornithologie.   



bird species described in the book 


pages presenting the birds and the New Caledonian archipelago


high-quality photographs