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The project

Founded in 2020 by siblings Gary, Kelly and Sam Bencheghib in Bali, Sungaï Watch is now a team of 55 passionate river warriors working each day to create solutions to stop the flow of plastic pollution from entering our oceans.

Raising awareness of the dangers of over-consumption of plastics

Given that more than 80% of plastic waste in the ocean comes from rivers and streams, Sungaï Watch is proving that the best way to tackle this problem is to stop plastic flowing down these rivers in the first place with affordable solutions. By designing simple trash barriers and operating a collection, sorting and upcycling system, the association has created a scalable approach to tackling plastic pollution. 

Sensibilisation aux dangers de la surconsommation de plastiques, nettoyages des rivières et revalorisation des déchets récoltés


barriers installed and currently functionning

1 513 350


of plastics collected so far


community cleanups since the birth of the NGO