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Diplomatie Solidaire is an association founded in 2017 by employees of the French Department of Europe and Foreign Affairs, but operating independently from this Ministry, that works in four fields: women’s rights, children’s rights, health and education. In Paris, Diplomatie Solidaire puts volunteer diplomats in contact with young adults and high school students to enable the latter to discover, understand or even embark upon a professional career in the civil service. At the same time, various actions are undertaken abroad, such as fundraising or organizing sports and cultural workshops. 

Solidarity Diplomacy Week

Every month of June, the association launches “Semaine de la Diplomatie Solidaire” (solidarity diplomacy week) during which book drives are notably organized in various ministries – these books are then redistributed to mobile libraries and educational facilities around the world. The week also represents an opportunity for the association to award prizes to projects undertaken in one of its four key fields.  

Diplomatie Solidaire

Diplomatie Solidaire AKUO Award

In 2019, Diplomatie Solidaire, in partnership with the Akuo Foundation, decided to quadruple the number of awards to one for each field: these four Diplomatie Solidaire AKUO Awards were attributed to projects all around the world. The selection committee consisted of a member of Diplomatie Solidaire, two figureheads designated by the latter, an Akuo staff member and another figurehead designated by mutual agreement. 

Diplomatie Solidaire


number of countries in which Diplomatie Solidaire has supported projects


number of awards handed out in partnership with Akuo

4 000

total envelope given to the winning projects by Akuo