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The project

The Mouvement de la Jeunesse Vélingaroise en France, MJVF, was founded in September 2010 by young migrants living in France but originally from Vélingara, in southern Senegal. Since then, the MJVF has undertaken close to twenty projects in Vélingara Department, including over 30% in the field of education. The project to build, equip and provide electricity to the Médina Dinguiraye high school covers 5 villages with some 3,689 inhabitants, the educational facility losing almost 7.5% of its headcount every year (school drop-out rate).  

Ensuring the right conditions for schooling

The plan is to supply the school with solar electricity to be able to set up a computer room and enable students to do their homework after dark in the evening at the request of the local authorities, who will ensure the durability of the educational structures.  

The project thus comprises several interdependent components: education, health, gender equality and access to renewable energy. Once the project has been completed, the Dinguiraye high school will be able to operate efficiently and sustainably by selling the surplus production from the school’s vegetable garden, the rest being used by the school canteen.  


Mouvement de la Jeunesse Vélingaroise Sénégal


students who benefit from the project



of the households in the village have access to electricity using individual solar electrification solutions.