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Hellsass Route 68 is an association founded in 2017 by 6 people who were, at the time, students at Haute-Alsace University. Motorbike and road enthusiasts, they decided to use this passion to improve access to education and healthcare in developing countries. Motorbike shows, concerts, dances… events in Colmar and the Munster valley to raise funds entirely donated to humanitarian projects.  

Renovation of a school

In 2018, Hellsass Route 68 undertook a project to completely renovate a school in the village of Talgjount, Morocco: the construction of the framework and the roof, the building’s insulation, the painting of all the walls and ceilings, the installation of windows, a lighting system and heating in every classroom were all thus completed within the framework of this project. The building materials were chosen according to their environmental impact (bricks and wood rather than cinder blocks, for example). The renovation concluded with the donation of school supplies and books, after which the management of the renovated school was handed over to the local council.  


Medical caravan

This project was accompanied by the co-organization and co-setting up of a medical caravan in the Moroccan region of Argana with three student nurses and three healthcare students. Various types of care were thus able to be offered, including dental, screening, physiotherapy and ophthalmology. The aim was not to cure inhabitants there and then, but to make an initial diagnosis, provide initial care and thus direct people to the most appropriate professionals. For a week, the caravan thus spent each day in a different village in the region in order to offer each person encountered with a high-quality medical consultation. Throughout the journey, substantial attention was paid to managing waste (product packaging, compresses, gloves, etc.) 



number of pupils in the renovated school, aged from 6 to 10 years old 


number of villages visited by the caravan