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The Punta Cana project is a project using mobile solar energy production units (solar GEM®) developed by the Group. Intended for a resort in Dominican Republic, the project includes 25 solar GEM® units for a total capacity of 1.8MWp. 

The production of renewable electricity will allow the resort to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels but also realize savings and meet the growing expectations of customers from an environment perspective. In addition, GEM® solutions are customizable and scalable to meet potential future needs and are designed to be hurricane-proof. For this project, the Group signed a 15-year lease contract with its client, Club Med. 

An innovative solution

The Akuo team was offered with a unique opportunity to develop a project that enable an important touristic stakeholder such as Club Med to venture into renewable energies and become independent of the use of fossil fuels. 

Thanks to the flexibility and innovation, solar GEM® technology was selected, ensuring the client to get photovoltaic solar energy through deployable panels, with ease of operation and maintenance, allowing the panels to be folded in case of  hurricanes’ threats.  Such characteristics ensure that the installation does not suffer damage and can be deployed right after the hurricane and supply energy. 

This technological option was a perfect match for the needs of the resort.


Transfer of knowledge

The Punta Cana Project  was performed by a team composed of 95% of local workers and 5% foreigners only. This led to an exchange of knowledge of this technology through training for the entire local team. 

Thanks to this transfer of competence, we currently have an entire local team capable of successfully operating the ICARE photovoltaic project.

Icare Punta Cana

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