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The project

Bel Avenir is an association that has been working in southern Madagascar for the last twenty years and whose projects combine education, the environment, health, social inclusion and fighting child labor.

The Mangily educational and environmental center

Since 2006, Bel Avenir has thus organized stays in its Mangily educational and environmental center during which children aged 8 to 15 are given training in sustainable development issues, hygiene, but also Children’s Rights. The programs, organized in the form of leisure and cultural activities, are only possible thanks to the coordinators who have been specially trained in active and experimental education: from the training at the tortoise reserve to the workshops on water purification, Bel Avenir is helping fight school dropout rates by striving to stimulate interest among younger children, and notably young girls. 

Centre éducatif et environnemental de Mangily

An energy-independent establishment

The educational and environmental center, which welcomes almost 4,000 people a year, requires a certain number of energy installations: the Akuo Foundation has thus financed the purchase of solar-powered pumps and streetlamps enabling the center to be self-sufficient in terms of energy.  

Centre éducatif et environnemental de Mangily


solar energy lights available every evening to illuminate the center  


teachers and pupils present at the center every week