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The project

Bloom is an association that has been working since 2004 to preserve our marine environment via an approach combining scientific mediation and awareness raising.  

A poster campaign against deep-sea fishing

In 2013, when a bill to ban deep-sea bottom trawling was presented to the European Commission, the association decided to increase awareness of this cause among the general public via a poster campaign at Gare du Nord in Paris, a station many travelers and EU parliamentarians pass through to get to Brussels.  

protection des océans Claire Nouvian Seaspiracy

A ban on trawling

The Akuo Foundation backed this initiative by organizing roundtables with MEPs, politicians and international researchers, and then by financing the creation of two large tarpaulins strategically displayed at Gare du Nord for a month. Although the initial bill was not passed, in 2016 the European Commission at long last prohibited deep-sea bottom trawling in protected European waters below 800 meters, which represents 12% of the continent’s waters.  

Since then, the Akuo Foundation has been regularly working alongside Bloom, notably by organizing fund-raising campaigns or relaying campaigns and the lobbying of the general public.  

protection des océans Claire Nouvian Seaspiracy chalutage pêche eaux profondes



of people exposed to Bloom’s 2013 poster campaign at Paris Gare du Nord   


size of the tarpaulins financed by the Akuo Foundation within the framework of the poster campaign