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Care is a humanitarian organization that works to promote women’s rights, fight climate change and help refugees around the world. The Akuo Foundation collaborated with the NGO within the framework of the latter’s “Water, Sanitation and Hygiene” (WASH) program, in order to renovate manual water pumps in refugee camps in Kupan and Belu, in the East Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia. 

Difficult access to water

These refugees barely survive within a difficult context to say the least: after East Timor voted to become an independent country in 1999, part of the local population crossed the border into Indonesia to try to keep their Indonesian citizenship – unsuccessfully. Over time, their access to water has become critical, the rudimentary pumps installed 23 years ago being too damaged to work and the refugee camps gradually becoming overcrowded. The installation of new pumps and reparation of old pumps has thus not only increased refugees’ access to water, it has also improved their hygiene and health conditions.


Installation of pumps

The Akuo Foundation financed the transport of the materials required to build the manual water pumps. Within the framework of a skills-based sponsorship arrangement, Akuo Indonesia’s engineers thus worked in close cooperation with the refugee camps’ plumbers and craftspeople to strengthen local expertise and enable them to maintain the facilities independently.  




5 000

number of families benefiting from this project


number of manual water pumps repaired