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Fossil fuels and hydropower still have an important place in the energy mix of Chile, with a significant share of coal extraction. But Chile is also one of the most concerned countries about energy transition and therefore the development of renewable energies. Recently, the amount of distributed power capacity of renewable energies has more than doubled and now the country has the ambitious objective of converting 70% of its total energy consumption to renewables by 2030. Furthermore, Chile has excellent lands filled with plenty natural resources for renewable energies hence all the conditions are met for Akuo to develop projects in the country.

Chile is the most recent subsidiary opened by Akuo in Latin America, focusing on the development, construction and operation of new projects in wind, solar and storage energy sectors. The Chilean team quicky closed a first M&A transaction in 2022 for an 80MW solar portfolio composed of 9 distributed projects equipped with trackers, with end of construction due in 2023. These new projects cover a large part of the country in the regions of Maule (VII), Ñuble (XVI), Araucanía (IX) and Biobío (VIII) and will thus supply all these regions in green power.

Akuo Chile has now put in place strong partnerships in the country to support Akuo’s ambitions, allowing the team to be optimistic on the Group’s growth and contribution brought to the country renewable expansion.

chili energie renouvelable solaire akuo

Our team

 The development of these new projects paved the way to the opening of the Chilian office in Santiago in 2022, and to the recruitment of a multidisciplinary and growing team to tackle both the construction, the upcoming operation and the development of a new large portfolio of projects. The team focusses on the Group core technologies (wind, solar and storage) with both greenfield and M&A opportunities, and with project sizes ranging from 10 MW to several 100 MWs.

Given Chileans have a strong concern and interest in their country energy transition and the deployment of renewable energies, the recruitment of motivated collaborators has been smooth and will help the Group’s development.


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Martín Bocage  Country Manager
In Akuo we are delighted to be part of Chile’s energy transition process and we look forward to continue expanding our activities in the country.

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