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Dominican Republic is the Caribbean’s leading economy, with consistent growth over the past decade. It is pursuing an active policy to deploy renewable energies, with the objective to reach 30% penetration of renewable energies in the grid by 2030.

Akuo is present in Dominican Republic since 2017 and holds a strong position in the renewable energy sector with several flagship projects. Amongst them are Pecasa, a 50MW wind project financed with development banks and operated in cyclonic conditions, Matrisol, a 55MW solar project with the first private offtake scheme in the country, or CM Punta Cana, a self-consumption and retractable solar plant with storage capacity. Each of these projects demonstrates our ability to adapt to regional specificities by proposing innovative solutions.

Akuo ambitions to further contribute to the energy transition within Dominican Republic with the development of additional projects, many of which will incorporate storage technologies.

Icare République Dominicaine

Our team

With 22 individuals, our local team is the largest of all our Latam subsidiaries. As always within Akuo, it is mostly a local workforce with around 90% of nationals, several of whom belong to the communities alongside our projects. With experience accumulated locally regarding every stage of our projects since 2017, the team now gathers varied positions including development managers, construction experts, controllers, asset managers, project finance referents and more.

Notre équipe
Salvatore Longo Country Manager
Despite the challenges that the country faces in the electricity industry, it is clear that Renewable Energies have a great future ahead

Contact us

Akuo Dominican Republic

Av. Gustavo Mejía Ricart 81, esquina Filomena Gómez. Torre corporativo OV, piso 7, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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