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Lisbon, Portugal, November 30th, 2021 - Akuo, an independent global renewable energy power producer and developer, has presented the Santas solar power plant, today in Montforte, to the Prime Minister António Costa, Minister of Environment and Climate Action M. João Pedro Matos Fernandes, and to Secretary of State and Energy, M. João Galamba. This solar plant corresponds t o Lot 3 of the July 2019 solar auction and has 150 MW of connection power to the national electricity transmission grid. The project is part of the portfolio of 3 projects secured by Akuo in the 2019 auction. The portfolio has a connection power of 370 MW, corresponding to an installed capacity of over 400 MWp.

One of the largest solar plant in Portugal  

With an output of 150 MWac (equivalent to an installed capacity of 180 MWp), the Santas solar plant is set to become one of the largest solar power plants in Portugal. The plant will comprise 336,448 photovoltaic modules and will help avoid the emission of more than 70 000 metrics tons of CO2 per year. Providing power to more than 100,000 households, the Santas solar plant will turn the Montforte municipality (more than 3,000 inhabitants) into a positive energy town.

A long term player to serve territories

Akuo is ensuring a lasting presence by signing very long territories with the opportunity to genuinely as generate sustainable project.term leases and thus providing the empower each and every stakeholder, as well as generate sustainable project.

Portugal, the new reference for the development of renewable energies in the European Union

Portugal is intent on becoming the leading EU Member State in terms of an energy trans ition that benefits citizens within an ambitious timeframe that is a response to our continent’s climate emergency. The country is near the top of the European rankings in this respect, and is thus in fifth place with renewable energy accounting for 59% of Portugal's electricity consumption in 2020. An ambitious strategy, which makes Portugal a frontrunner and example at international level.

Eric Scotto, president and co despite the founder of Akuo, states: "The installation of this first panel, pandemic, is an outstanding demonstration that renewable energy projects can get out of the ground in a record time, to serve at the best citizens. This was possible thanks to a remarkable pragmatism of all the key players involved. No doubt it was a chall enge but this type of projects are the one tailormade for Akuo: being sophisticated in the development, structuring, financing and O&M was key for the success. Akuo confirms its desire to establish a longterm presence in this country, whose particularly proactive commitment to the development of renewable energies must be greeted. Portugal is showing the European Union the way and reaffirming that renewable energy can guarantee sustainable and longterm energy autonomy. We, at Akuo are very proud of this success, of the work undertaken by our teams and of the example shown by Portugal!