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Fort-de-France, Martinique, April 21st, 2022 - Akuo, an independent global renewable energy power producer and developer, has put into service the Madinina Storage facility in the municipality of Ducos on the French island of Martinique. With a storage facility of 19 MWh*, this lithium-ion battery storage facility comprises 6 Storages GEM® containers, a modular storage solution developed by Akuo.


Optimize grid management

The 6 Storage GEM® containers are connected to the island's power grid, thus allowing its operator, EDF, to optimize the island's means of production roadmap. The operaling of this system for the next 15 years will be, for EDF, a key element leading to greater penetration of renewable energies in Martinique's power grid. Easy to steer thanks to its EMS (Energy Management System) developed by Akuo, the facility allows the operator to store energy particularly when renewable production in the grid is plentiful, or put in back info the network, during peak consumption periods. The Madining Stockage facility offers a substantial electrical power reserve that can be used on demand and can provide the grid with up to 12 MW for an hour, i.e. around 6% of the Martinique power grid's maximum capacity (210 MW).

Regulate the network's a frequency during critical events

Storage GEM® technology also allows the frequency to be regulated and the grid' s stability to be ensured, notably during critical events such as the accidental disconnection of a means of production from the grid. The system instantly detects any anomalies on the network and automatically provides maximum output to compensate for the loss of power resulting from the disconnection of the faulty means of production.

CEPAC (Groupe BPCE) is this facility's banking partner and Méthanor is the financial partner for the equity part.


Eric Scotto, Chairman and co-founder of Akuo, says: "We are very proud to put this storage facility into service, proof if it were necessary of the key role this technology plays in power networks' performances and of its complementarity with the production of renewable energy. if shows that a high renewable energy penetration rafe in island notions is within reach. Lastly, it crowns the Akuo Group's know-how in the field of energy storage"

*For a contractual effective volume of 12 MWh