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Marseille, August 2nd 2022 – The BlueFloat Energy, Sumitomo Corporation and Akuo consortium is delighted to be prequalified for the 6th offshore wind tender off the French Mediterranean coast (AO6). The two projects, with 250MW of planned capacity each, represent a unique opportunity to achieve France’s recently announced 40GW target of offshore wind power by 2050.  


For this tender, BlueFloat Energy, Sumitomo Corporation and Akuo have formed a partnership with the aim of:

  • Combining their complementary capabilities and expertise in offshore wind with projects under development in France (992MW with Yeu-Noirmoutier & Dieppe-Le Tréport projects) and globally with more than 20GW.
  • Acting as a catalyser for the local supply chain development by deploying a strategic vision for the Mediterranean region that builds on our local combined pipeline of more than 8GW of floating wind projects;  
  • Capitalizing on a unique expertise in developing floating offshore wind projects with a nuanced understanding of the technology, with currently 18 projects under development globally
  • Developing a project embedded in the territory building on the strong local team based in Occitania and Marseille and track record of renewable energy deployment in France. More than 423 MWc of renewables are operated or developed by the partners in the two Regions of the tender.  


AO6 prequalification announcement represents the start of the next phase in the tender process, the so-called competitive dialogue, allowing pre-qualified bidders and the French government to jointly outline the detailed criteria of the tender rules as well as to fine tune the areas where the projects will be located.  


This tender round was launched in the framework of France´s determination to place offshore wind power at the core of its energy transition strategy. The two 250MW projects, with potential for extensions, are expected to be awarded in 2023 and commissioned by 2030.