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Paris, France, February 17th - Since 2007, Akuo and its employees have been working with passion to bring about the emergence of a decentralised and sustainable energy model. More than a common vision, we are also committed to a model of society. In 2022 we can be proud that the vision carried by the group has become the norm.

To enable us to benefit from the work we started 15 years ago, we have decided to focus on our know-how and on our historical activity, developing, building, financing, and operating renewable electricity production plants.

The maturity of our industry has naturally led us to revisit our priorities and reaffirm our strategy, one of the core pillar being independence.

The ICG Group, one of the world's leading financing solutions providers, shares our beliefs and our vision. ICG has agreed to provide the financial means to the founders of the Akuo Group to buy out the shares held by our previous reference shareholder Colam Entreprendre. In this respect, we thank Colam for having accompanied us for four years during an intense period of growth and for having allowed us to mature enough to be able to tackle this new challenge.

"We are happy to have shared Akuo's ambitious adventure with its teams and founders for several years. We hope that this new stage will bring them the renewed growth they deserve" said Marie-Christine Coisne-Roquette, President of Colam Entreprendre, at the signing of the agreement.

Because they have always believed in their vision, and because they believe in the formidable team formed by their collaborators, Eric Scotto and Patrice Lucas have decided to take up this challenge by increasing their personal financial stake, evoking the unshakeable confidence in the company they co-created in 2007 after having sold their first company PerfectWind to Iberdrola in July 2006.

ICG Infra, the infrastructure fund of the ICG Group, as from this morning will accompany the founders in this new phase of the company's history and will support the Group's future growth, notably by providing additional financial resources.