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Charm el-Cheikh, Egypt, November 14th, 2022 – IRENA, the International Renewable Energy Agency and Akuo, an independent global renewable energy producer and developer, have signed at the COP27 a Partnership Agreement. Represented by Francesco La Camera, CEO of IRENA, and Eric Scotto, CEO and co-founder of Akuo, the two entities are committed for this 3 years partnership to accelerate together the energy transition worldwide.  


Akuo and IRENA will cooperate for the global energy transition and maximise opportunities for the further enhancement of the role of the private sector in the deployment of renewable energy in a changing energy landscape.  


The purpose of this Partnership Agreement is to provide a non-exclusive framework for cooperation between the Parties for the implementation of activities of mutual interest towards advancing global energy transition based on renewable energy, in support of sustainable development goals and climate actions.  


The areas of cooperation will include:  

  • Partnering through SIDS (Small Islands Development States) Lighthouses Initiative, coordinated by IRENA, aimed at strengthening climate resilience, improving effective disaster recovery, energy nexus with food, water and health, and facilitating public-private partnership, to benefit the local communities through coordinated support in the provision of technical assistance, capacity development, knowledge development, and awareness building activities, as appropriate; 
  • Akuo will actively engage in the IRENA Coalition for Action to discuss industry trends, determine actions, share knowledge and exchange best practices through the various Coalition working groups, including the Renewables in Agriculture Group and the Business and Investors Group;  
  • Exchange knowledge and participate in activities of IRENA’s Collaborative Framework on Enhancing Dialogue on High Shares of Renewables in Energy Systems;  
  • Participate in Investment Forums of IRENA which aim to leverage both the ability of decisionmakers to produce robust enabling environments for energy transition investments and the capacity of developers to prepare bankable projects;  
  • Collaborate in the creation of a pipeline of bankable projects through IRENA’ Project Facilitation Platforms.  


Eric Scotto, CEO and co-founder of Akuo stated: “It is a great pride to sign this agreement with IRENA today: it embodies both our commitments and restless efforts to achieve energy transition at all scales. It is also the recognition that Akuo is a responsible stakeholder, dedicated to share its experience to roll-out further renewable energy.


Francesco La Camera, CEO of IRENA said: “It is our mutual interest to advance the global energy transition and maximise opportunities for further enhancement of the role of the private sector in and must the deployment of renewable energy. Our collaboration underlines how partnerships within the industry can energy future.