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Organic produce in the shadow of PV panel

The Bellegarde plant comprises two sites: Château (3.9 MW) and Broussan (2 MW).

It is the first Akuo agrivoltaic plant commissioned in mainland France, in the southern department of Gard. [MA1]  On Marc Potier’s arboricultural holding, photovoltaic shading structures have been installed in order to protect the farmer’s organic crops while producing solar-powered electricity.

These structures have been specially designed for arboriculture by enabling elevated trees to be planted, a rare shelter for this type of plantation. Organic apricot trees, vines and cherry trees are thus sheltered under the agrivoltaic shading structures. Protected from bad weather (frost, hail, violent downpours), the trees and vines thus provide better yields. The shading structures notably avoid up to 50% of harvest loss a year during particularly harsh weather conditions.

The agrivoltaic structures are a real asset for the organic maintenance of these crops. By controlling the ambient humidity, they help prevent the development of parasites and fungi, thus avoiding the need for pesticides.



Our CSR commitment

Protecting birds

Bird alcoves have been installed in partnership with a local charity association, Agrinichoirs, to protect the fruit from certain animals and insects liable to damage them. Various tits/chickadees and bats have thus set up home there.


Active monitoring of the agricultural production

The project also stands out through the close ties established between our agricultural partner Agriterra’s teams and the site’s farmer Marc Potier,[MA1]  a genuine day-to-day partnership resulting in the active monitoring of the crops’ development (management of water, yields, soil quality, quality of the fruit, etc.)



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